Building a Horse Stall

Horse stalls have the main function of providing comfortable shelter for the horses. These structures keep the horses safe from exposure to the harsh elements outside. Within a large barn, the individual stalls can also keep horses from hurting each other. Because of the immense value of these horse stalls in providing a good home to the horses, you must learn of the intricate details as to how to build a proper one.

Building a horse stall entails a lot of considerations. You must do careful planning if you wish your horses to have a happy home. Among the things you should look into during their construction are their sizes, flooring, partitions, doors and various accessories.

The size of the horse stall door should be measured accordingly to accommodate the size of the horse that will be placed in it. A versatile size range to accommodate a 1,000-lb. horse is about 10’ x 12’ or 12’ x 12’stall. If you have ponies or less than a thousand-pound horse, then having a 10’ x 10’ stall will be great. Larger draft horses, though, will be most comfortable in a 15’ x 16’ stall size.

When it comes to flooring, sandy or soil ground will be easier on your horses’ legs. The downside, however, is that they become difficult to clean and needs replacement every so often. Concrete floors or pavers are commonly seen as floor materials. Though they may be hard on your horses’ hooves, the best thing about them is that they are easy to clean and disinfect. The hard flooring can be remedied quite readily if your purchase rubberized floor mats to soften the ground.

Partitions are necessary when building stalls for your horses. Some horses can exhibit dominance that they can end up biting or kicking another horse that’s within reach. Partitions, therefore, must be constructed up to a good 7.5’ to prevent horses from leaning towards another stall. The partition must also be made solid to avoid having a foot or neck stuck in between the slats.

Horse stall doors should be carefully chosen so that you can safely lead your horse in and out of the stall. The recommendable width and height of the stall doors is 8’ x 4’. There are also plenty of styles you can choose from on the horse stall doors including a sliding or swinging type and a solid or a Dutch door type.

Finally, you must pick the right accessories to go in when building your horse stalls. These accessories are mostly related to feeding. You will have to find feed bins, hay racks and water buckets that have smooth edges on them and wouldn’t break off in dangerous pieces. Horses are very much capable of wringing off nailed racks on the wall so make sure to find the right and sturdy materials to complete your stall construction.

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