Building a Horse Stall

Horse stalls have the main function of providing comfortable shelter for the horses. These structures keep the horses safe from exposure to the harsh elements outside. Within a large barn, the individual stalls can also keep horses from hurting each other. Because of the immense value of these horse stalls in providing a good home to the horses, you must learn of the intricate details as to how to build a proper one.

Building a horse stall entails a lot of considerations. You must do careful planning if you wish your horses to have a happy home. Among the things you should look into during their construction are their sizes, flooring, partitions, doors and various accessories.

The size of the horse stall door should be measured accordingly to accommodate the size of the horse that will be placed in it. A versatile size range to accommodate a 1,000-lb. horse is about 10’ x 12’ or 12’ x 12’stall. If you have ponies or less than a thousand-pound horse, then having a 10’ x 10’ stall will be great. Larger draft horses, though, will be most comfortable in a 15’ x 16’ stall size.

When it comes to flooring, sandy or soil ground will be easier on your horses’ legs. The downside, however, is that they become difficult to clean and needs replacement every so often. Concrete floors or pavers are commonly seen as floor materials. Though they may be hard on your horses’ hooves, the best thing about them is that they are easy to clean and disinfect. The hard flooring can be remedied quite readily if your purchase rubberized floor mats to soften the ground.

Partitions are necessary when building stalls for your horses. Some horses can exhibit dominance that they can end up biting or kicking another horse that’s within reach. Partitions, therefore, must be constructed up to a good 7.5’ to prevent horses from leaning towards another stall. The partition must also be made solid to avoid having a foot or neck stuck in between the slats.

Horse stall doors should be carefully chosen so that you can safely lead your horse in and out of the stall. The recommendable width and height of the stall doors is 8’ x 4’. There are also plenty of styles you can choose from on the horse stall doors including a sliding or swinging type and a solid or a Dutch door type.

Finally, you must pick the right accessories to go in when building your horse stalls. These accessories are mostly related to feeding. You will have to find feed bins, hay racks and water buckets that have smooth edges on them and wouldn’t break off in dangerous pieces. Horses are very much capable of wringing off nailed racks on the wall so make sure to find the right and sturdy materials to complete your stall construction.


Give Your Horse the Best Exercise Possible

Exercise is beneficial for the horses. Just like humans, horses who receive ample exercise will always stay in pretty good shape. They will look a lot healthier without their bloating bellies and swaying back. Plus, being in healthy form will help your horses to live longer years.

Exercising the horse will also give them a better disposition. When horses are mostly confined to their horse stalls, they do get bored and become unruly. But when they receive enough exercise, horses seem to appear calm. They are also observed to become a lot more cooperative to follow commands during training.

One of the basic exercises for the horses will be to walk and ride them. You can lead your horse out in the fields in the morning and get onto his back and ride your horse around your land. This form of exercise will be great for your horses especially if there’s only a few of them. With two to three horses, you can make the time to walk and ride them on your property. However, when you have a dozen or more horses in your stalls, you need to find the most excellent tools you can use to give your horses the best exercise possible.

horse treadmill will be an exercise unit which will come in handy for you. Walking or riding your horse outside will be considered great only if the weather is fine. But when rainy weather persists for a week, you simply cannot leave your horses confined to their stalls for such a long time. By getting a horse treadmill, you can provide conditioning exercises to your horses no matter what the weather outside is. Year-round conditioning can be done over this unit, and with a controlled environment, the exercise can be made safe to improve the balance, coordination and endurance of the horse. You can get this unit in standard designs placed on solid ground, but there are also underwater horse treadmill units which you can find which will be perfect for injured or post-recovery horses.

Another excellent equipment to give your equine pets the best exercise possible is a horse exerciser. This unit is a mechanized substitute for human horse walkers. This horse exerciser is usually designed as a round pen where the horses can be tied up and be led by a motorized bar to walk around. You can attach as many as five horses in the horse exerciser, and doing so, you can cut your horse exercise training for a significant amount of time. There’ll be no more hand walking when you’ve got this exerciser for your horses.


What to Think About When Building a Barn

It is a splendid feeling to have horses on your land. In the wild, horses can freely roam around. Those of the domesticated variety, however, are somewhat frail and susceptible to the stresses of the outside elements. These latter horses require proper shelter in order for them not to succumb to sickness brought about by the nasty weather. Should your family becomes interested in horses and decide to purchase them for your property, it is essential that you provide your horses with a proper home.

We are all aware that horses stay in the barn. If you don’t have this structure yet on your lot, it is essential for you to know a thing or two about its construction. Think about the following things when you get into the process of building a barn for your horses.

Barn construction is never easy. You need to devote a good amount of time when planning this structure. Among the first things you should check out are the building and zoning codes in your area. Know what you are or aren’t allowed to construct so you don’t get to waste your precious money just to end up tearing down a structure not approved for your zone.

Location is another important thing you must ponder on. When you’ve got vast land in your property, it’s necessary that you strategically place where your barn doors should stand. A good recommendation is to have them at close range for easy access but shouldn’t be placed too close that the whining of the horses will keep you awake all night.

When building the barn, your major consideration will be the individual comfort of your horses. Horses should be placed in separate horse stalls. Depending on the number of horses you have, you must see to it that you’ve got exactly the same number of stalls to accommodate all of your animals.  Horse stalls should also be measured carefully so that they are large enough to allow a horse to turn around, lie down and get up with ease.

Inside the horse stalls, carefully consider what type of floors you’ll have or what type of cover you’ll get for the walls. Get appropriate feeding equipment that’ll be safe for your horses. The stalls must also have ample air and lighting to ensure maximum comfort for your equine pets.

Barn doors are another important fixture seen inside the barn. They must be chosen with care for these are the things you use to keep the horses secure in their enclosures. There are many styles and designs which you can see when it comes to these units. You can get swinging or sliding barn doors. You also have the option to choose ones that cover the full-length of the doorway or get to pick double Dutch doors that is divided into upper and lower panels.


Adding Relevant Fresh Content is a Valuable Strategy to Optimize Your Website

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By now, you realize that adding relevant fresh content can be a valuable strategy to optimize your website. As a business owner, how will you be able to carry out this tactic? You probably are too busy dealing with your clients and suppliers that you couldn’t find the time to sit down and write down quality blogs for your website. Yet, you do know you can’t simply shirk away the value of introducing fresh content onto your website. To address this dilemma, you should get in touch with your Austin SEO Company.

The Austin SEO Company will be able to supply regular fresh, relevant and unique content for your website that will help improve its performance on the search engines. Often the company has an excellent roster of writers who are experienced in writing quality web content. The content they produce will also be laced by proper keywords to maximize SEO for your website.


Beer Pong Tables – Aluminum, Wood or Plastic?

Beer pong tables can be manufactured out of many different materials. And each one of them holds qualities good and bad. Aluminum, wood or plastic- these are all your choices for this fascinating beer drinking game equipment. Deciding which material works best for you will depend upon your own preferences.

Aluminum beer pong tables are usually sold at the cheapest price. That is absolutely one major advantage that you will get from these units. Apart from the budget-friendly rate, you will also find aluminum to be a pretty durable material. The tables can also be lightweight which makes their transport from place to place really easy. The best thing about them too is that they are usually designed to be folded from a 2ft x 8ft frame to a 2 ft x 2 ft briefcase-style carrying case. Such feature will totally give you convenience in portability and storage. Now, for the bad part, the aluminum tables can cause lower bounce of the ball as compared to the other materials. They can cause lessening of the spin of the ball as well which could have helped someone win the game.

Wood tables for the beer pong game are a classic choice. The beauty of using wood is that they render an air of elegance to the gaming unit. This makes the beer pong tables become ideal furniture for dorm houses and game rooms at home. When crafted with beautiful carvings and details, nobody would surely want them placed hidden out of view.  The disadvantage with the wooden units, however, is that they can be very heavy. This is so for high quality lumber will likely be used so as to withstand the stresses and water damage that it is sure to bear. Another problem with using them is that they are preferably stationed indoors. Exposing them to the inclement weather outside will only hasten their early rotting.

Finally, there are the plastic-made units. Plastic beer tap handles present many advantages. Being made from heat-resistant and water-resistant plastic, these units are perfect for use on both indoor and outdoor areas. Should the weather turn awry and shower you down with rain during your outdoor party, you can easily bring these tables inside, wipe the top surfaces with dry cloth and you are ready for another round of beer pong game. Plastic units also offer a slightly higher bounce when you throw the ball making the game a lot better for you and your friends. Plus, these things are lightweight that you can carry them with ease. The challenge, nonetheless, with using the plastic tables is that they break down rather quickly.