Beer Pong Tables – Aluminum, Wood or Plastic?

Beer pong tables can be manufactured out of many different materials. And each one of them holds qualities good and bad. Aluminum, wood or plastic- these are all your choices for this fascinating beer drinking game equipment. Deciding which material works best for you will depend upon your own preferences.

Aluminum beer pong tables are usually sold at the cheapest price. That is absolutely one major advantage that you will get from these units. Apart from the budget-friendly rate, you will also find aluminum to be a pretty durable material. The tables can also be lightweight which makes their transport from place to place really easy. The best thing about them too is that they are usually designed to be folded from a 2ft x 8ft frame to a 2 ft x 2 ft briefcase-style carrying case. Such feature will totally give you convenience in portability and storage. Now, for the bad part, the aluminum tables can cause lower bounce of the ball as compared to the other materials. They can cause lessening of the spin of the ball as well which could have helped someone win the game.

Wood tables for the beer pong game are a classic choice. The beauty of using wood is that they render an air of elegance to the gaming unit. This makes the beer pong tables become ideal furniture for dorm houses and game rooms at home. When crafted with beautiful carvings and details, nobody would surely want them placed hidden out of view.  The disadvantage with the wooden units, however, is that they can be very heavy. This is so for high quality lumber will likely be used so as to withstand the stresses and water damage that it is sure to bear. Another problem with using them is that they are preferably stationed indoors. Exposing them to the inclement weather outside will only hasten their early rotting.

Finally, there are the plastic-made units. Plastic beer tap handles present many advantages. Being made from heat-resistant and water-resistant plastic, these units are perfect for use on both indoor and outdoor areas. Should the weather turn awry and shower you down with rain during your outdoor party, you can easily bring these tables inside, wipe the top surfaces with dry cloth and you are ready for another round of beer pong game. Plastic units also offer a slightly higher bounce when you throw the ball making the game a lot better for you and your friends. Plus, these things are lightweight that you can carry them with ease. The challenge, nonetheless, with using the plastic tables is that they break down rather quickly.

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